Sam Melser

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In order to best confront the challenges of the future, it is essential we create spaces and mindsets that enable and harness, creativity.

The Creativity Box is a participative artwork designed by NZ artist Sam Melser with the support of Hanne Birk (didactic expert) and Nilima Chowdhury (Organisational psychologist) from the University of St.Gallen, in Switzerland. It is a toolkit for the construction of an Arts-based mind map in the form of a wall installation.

After deciding on a theme that the group feels strongly about (either work-related or not), a brainstorm on paper is created that is used as the starting point for the installation.  Improvisation, dialogue, and collaboration are elicited in an invitation to create a collective artwork. Provided in the box is a collection of materials including painted pieces of canvas, laminated photographs, a soft toy, coloured pencils, string and scissors…that are to be combined in any way possible to create the mind map. The workshop installation is facilitated by the artist and uses project-based learning and embodied cognition as methodological frameworks.

The activity ends with the group presenting the installation to a non-initiated public.

The below photographs, featuring Hanne Birk, were taken in SQUARE, University of St.Gallen, in Feb 2023.

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